January Newsletter

​New Years Resolutions!

Thinking about improving your health with better eating habits, increased physical activity and stress management? Here are some ideas for healthy changes you can make in the new year!

Healthy Eating:

-Add one or two vegetable or fruit servings to meals and snacks. One serving is equivalent of ½ cup frozen or fresh vegetables, ½ cup fruit or any medium sized whole fruit. Tip: Instead of drinking juice, eat fruits to avoid excess sugar and you won’t miss out on fibre.

-Switch to lower fat dairy. Look for skim or 1% dairy varieties when shopping. Reduced fat cheese has less than 20% milk fat (%MF), you can look for this on the label.

-Enjoy a meatless dinner every so often. Add beans, lentils or legumes to boost the protein of soups, stews or casseroles for vegetarian friendly meals.

Physical Activity:

-Walk more! Walking can improve mental and physical health. Check out an indoor walking track at the Omniplex if it gets too cold outside!

-Canada’s guidelines for physical activity recommend 150 minutes per week of exercise. Remember, you don’t have to join a gym to get active, try some outdoor activities or do some stretching in your own house.

Stress Management:

-Get enough sleep. Getting 8 hours each night is just as important as eating well and staying active for your health and well-being.

-Spend time with family and friends. Being social is a great way to reduce stress.

-Try some relaxation exercises like deep breathing or stretching. This can help to clear and relax your mind.

-Take some time each day for self-care, even if just a few minutes. Read a book, have a bath or listen to music, anything that boosts your mood!

This new year, make realistic goals you know you can achieve. Before you know it, you will have made some healthy habits part of your everyday routine.

Happy New Years